Deb Moss, HR manager, for The Echo Group Inc., Council Bluffs IA writes of a better way to send paystub to employees. Although most of our employee were getting paid with direct deposit, we were still sending them paper paystubs through the mail. Employees wouldn’t always get their paystubs in a timely manner, or if the stubs got lost, we’d have to issue duplicate copies. That meant we’d have to take the time to reprint them. It was also getting expensive to mail out paystubs after each pay cycle. We needed another option for getting employees their paystubs that wasn’t as time-consuming or costly. To make it happen, we went to the higher-up and asked for a change. Paperless process Because our system already had the ability to create electronic paystubs, we got the approval to start emailing the stubs to employees instead. For existing employees, we updated their records with their preferred email address. And with new employees who were signing up for direct deposit. We started asking them to provide email up front. Paystubs now go directly to everyone’s inboxes. This way, we know they’re getting the stubs. Plus, it’s cut down on the request we’ve virtually eliminated the mailing costs.