“Wait staff” redefined for restaurants in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there's now a new definition of what's considered a "wait staff employee" in the restaurant industry, thanks to HB 5250. A wait staff employee is a waiter/waitress, bus person or someone working in a quick-service restaurant who prepares or serves food or beverages as part of a team of counter staff. The definition [...]

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We’re moving!

On June 18th the PayPlus office will be relocating to Nashua NH. Since all employees are working remotely, and will continue to do so, we no longer need the large office space and so we are downsizing. Starting June 18, please use 6 Columbine Drive, Nashua, 03063 for all USPS mail. The phone and fax [...]

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Latest DOL guidance on when work travel between sites is compensable

Opinion letter discusses scenarios when time is paid Knowing when you have to pay nonexempt workers for travel time can be confusing. The Department of Labor (DOL) has shed some light on that issue in a recent opinion letter. The letter asks whether nonexempt construction foremen and laborers have to be paid for the time [...]

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What you need to know about new PPP loans

New federal stimulus legislation was approved on December 27. The legislation includes another round of funding for PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans for small business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Banks are awaiting detailed guidelines from the Small Business Administration, which administers these loans. Here is a summary of what we know. Please bear in mind that this [...]

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FAQs about returning to work after COVID-10

Can we screen employees returning to work for COVID-19?Yes. Generally, inquiries about an employee’s health or a medical exam (like a temperature check) would not be allowed, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has stated that screening employees for symptoms of COVID-19 is allowed since it is a direct threat to others in the [...]

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Four Steps to Take When an Employee Is Diagnosed with COVID-19

As COVID-19 infection rates continue to climb, it’s imperative that organizations respond quickly when an employee is diagnosed. Here are the steps employers should take: Notify Employees Employees should be notified of potential exposure in the workplace, but they should not be told who is sick. Employees won’t like that they can’t gauge their own risk, [...]

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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Unemployment Fraud

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, identity theft and fraud have increased dramatically. Massachusetts in particular has experienced a high incidence of fraudulent unemployment claims (people filing for unemployment benefits under a stolen identity). Employers and employees must be vigilant to make sure that their businesses and personal credit have not been harmed by data breaches.  For [...]

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Massachusetts work from home tax guidance

Massachusetts TIR 20-5 offers key tax guidance on employees who are working from home during the COVID-19 emergency. Any nonresidents who usually work in Massachusetts but are teleworking from a different location are still subject to Massachusetts income taxes. Employers must also continue to make contributions to the state’s paid family and medical leave program [...]

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Exempt employee missed work: Is he now eligible for OT?

Exempt employee missed work: Is he now eligible for OT? Q. This year, we hired an exempt employee and offered him a salary of $36,000. However, he took a week off from work without pay, which will lower his annual salary to below the new threshold required for exemption by the Department of Labor. Does [...]

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Payroll made wage deductions, but then what happened to the money?

Payroll made wage deductions, but then what happened to the money? Unremitted health plan contributions, $12K owed After you deduct health insurance premiums from wages, if you don’t remit the money to the health benefit plan in a timely manner, that can mean bad news for your company and employees. That’s what SmartCore LLC learned [...]

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