There are several convenient ways to process your payroll. Select the method that best fits your needs.

Phone – PayPlus will take your payroll data over the phone each pay period.

Internet – Our web based payroll management is available 24/7. It can even be accessed while you’re on vacation via any internet connection. This popular product allows the client to add new employees, submit hrs, make employee changes and have access to several reports on demand, all at their convenience. In addition, the employees can access the Employee Self Service site to view and print their own pay stubs.

Fax – Submit your payroll using a customized worksheet and simply fax your completed worksheet to PayPlus.

Pay Cards – A new innovation in payroll technology offering clients the ability to pay employees without paper checks. Used like a debit card and refillable the money is transferred via ACH to employees pay cards each period. This product is now being utilized by employees to provide funds to college students, and family members abroad.

Time Clock Interface – Especially effective for larger clients, or clients with employees in remote offices. Hours can be entered remotely or via an installed time clock at your place of business. Designed with everyday people in mind; it saves both time and money because it eliminates the need to calculate time cards or collect data.

Portable Time Clocks can even be installed in vehicles to obtain detailed job cost analysis.

Imports Into QuickBooks and Peachtree General Ledgers – No manual entries needed by the client. Our software creates a file which imports the payroll data easily into Quickbooks and Peachtree.

Standard Laser printed checks – Include watermark, color-fading ink and MICR encoding. The check format with enhanced safety features is designed to provide your employees with complete information to help limit payroll information requests. We can even customize our checks with your company logo!

Direct Deposit – Allows your employees to elect to have their paycheck electronically deposited into their checking and savings accounts. Direct Deposit is also a great tool for budgeting and provided FREE to PayPlus clients.