PayPlus provides a  reliable solution to your HR questions and issues.  Ignorance is not bliss!  Since 1995 there has been a 2000% increase in employment litigation,  resulting in $200,000 average court settlements for employers.  The average cost to litigate an employment issue is $50,000.  Protect your business from costly lawsuits and audits!

PayPlus® offers a comprehensive and cost-effective customized support service for all your human resource needs. You have access to an online HR Support Center for all your employee relationship needs.  Even if you have an in-house HR staff, this web-based support center can enhance access, reduce labor costs, and add value to your current HR services.

This product offers a wealth of information for the small- to medium-sized businesses and limits liability and exposure with your employees.

With HR AnswerLink from PayPlus, your HR tools and resources include:

  • Employee handbook that is downloadable and customizable
  • Job descriptions catalogued to help organize and hire employees
  • HR forms including performance, hiring, and terminations
  • Library of business forms for employee letters
  • Books and training manuals
  • Q&A database with hundreds of questions answered by pros
  • Federal & state employment laws written in easy-to-understand terms