PayPlus® provides payroll services throughout the United States.

servicesWhether you live in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Vermont, you can rest assured that PayPlus has the knowledge and expertise to manage your payroll.  Even if you have employees in multiple states, inside or outside New England, we have you covered.


  • Process new hires, terminations
  • Process employee payroll changes
  • Provide departmental, expense and G/L reports
  • Track vacation, sick, and personal time
  • Issue payments to third-party providers for 401K, Simple IRAs, and insurance companies
  • Process deductions and mandatory garnishments
  • Process standard laser checks and administer direct deposit processing for employees
  • Provide quarterly employee tax reports
  • Provide YTD employee pay reports


  • Process EFTPS payments of 941 federal returns
  • Process state withholding returns
  • Process state unemployment returns
  • Process 940 federal unemployment deposits
  • Handle tax inquiries on behalf of our clients


  • Provide W2s for all employees
  • Issue 1099s for contract labor
  • File W-3 federal return
  • File 940 federal unemployment return