PayPlus® offers reasonably priced Section 125 Plans for small- to medium-sized businesses.

IMPORTANT: Many small employers take insurance premium and medical expense reimbursement deductions without formal Plan Document and Summary Plan Descriptions as required by the IRS Code. The penalty for non-compliance may include disallowance of all deductions, and payment of interest and penalties.

The IRS Code has numerous pre-tax provisions designed to help employers provide benefits to their employees. These deductions save employees approximately 30% on their taxable income, and the employer realizes a reduced matching payroll tax savings of approximately 8%. Everybody saves money!

To take advantage of these tax deductions, the IRS requires that employers provide a written plan document. ERISA law requires that the employee receive a summary plan description (SPD) explaining the new benefits.

Plans can be HSA (Health Savings Accounts), FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts), or HRA (Health Reimbursement Accounts).

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