Here are instructions for the most commonly used tasks in isolved.

If there is a topic you’d like more information about, or to report any errors in these documents, notify your Payroll Specialist.

Add a new hire manually

Add a new hire with the onboarding feature

Add or change salary or hourly pay rate

Changing or withholding deductions on a second check

Combining multiple reports into one PDF

Employee self-service for employees

Employee self-service for payroll administrators

Entering additional checks (bonus checks, commission checks)

Entering alternate pay Using the Labor Entry Grid (preferred method)

Entering alternate pay in the Time Entry Grid

Entering manual checks

Entering payroll

Getting help in isolved

Logging into isolved

Overriding pay for a salaried employee

Rehiring an employee

Setting up direct deposit for an employee

Terminating an employee

Troubleshooting login problems

Viewing a list of all employees

Viewing and downloading quarterly reports

Viewing and downloading reports

Viewing and downloading year-end reports

Viewing isolved how-to videos