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Millennials & Gen Z: What youngest employees want from Payroll

Different expectations for receiving paychecks   Millennials (who were typically born between 1977 – 1995) and Gen Z (typically born after 1995) have different attitudes about common paycheck practices than older people.   Digital payment provider Global Cash Card surveyed over 1,000 working Americans of all ages to find out their perceptions of several elements [...]

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Growing Interest in telecommuting: How to handle challenges for Payroll

Keys to paying remote workers correctly for their shifts   Telecommuting has been become an attractive perk for employees.   According to a recent survey from Robert Half, 77% of workers said the ability to telecommute at least some of the time would increase their chances of taking a job offer.   Nonexempt workers   [...]

August 23rd, 2018|Timekeeping|

New guidance from IRS on limits for defined contribution plans

How much can workers contribute before it’s taxable?   The IRS recently released additional guidance on limits for employers’ defined contribution plans in certain confusing situations.   Here’s what Payroll needs to know.   Short limitation years   In most cases, the 2018 Sec 415 ( c) dollar limit for contributions to all of a [...]

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Major overhaul of 2019 W-4: Changes from the IRS so far

Form designed for more accurate withholding   The latest draft version of the new 2019 Form W-4 has many changes due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.   Although the final form isn’t ready just yet, it’s important to get a heads-up on what’s coming. Here’s a rundown of the updates so far.   [...]

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Are gifts with logos taxable? Expert weighs in

Companies often give workers items with their logos on them as gifts, never even considering whether they’re taxable income.   In many cases they are, according to a presentation at the 2018 American Payroll Association (APA) Congress.   Cost isn’t the issue   While some say items like logo T-shirts fall under the IRS’ de [...]

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