Aspiring entrepreneurs learn the basics of setting up a business

Aspiring entrepreneurs: learn the basics of setting up a business IRS Tax Tip 2022-128, August 22, 2022 New entrepreneurs can start out on the right foot by making sure they understand the tax responsibilities of running a business. The process can seem daunting, but IRS.gov has resources to help new business owners. Here are a [...]

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Looking for the best wording for employee notifications?

Federal, state, or local laws might require you to send notices to employees regarding their pay. Or, you might voluntarily decide to beef up communications. Before you spend time searching for just the right words, find out whether the government entity has already done the work for you. For example, in Notice 2021-53, the IRS [...]

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Violation of company’s no-call/no-how policy

After a nurse was terminated for violating her employer's no-call/no-show attendance policy, she sued under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The case recently reached the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Court sided with the employer. One key point? Her leave was foreseeable. So she should have given notice as soon as [...]

November 19th, 2021|FMLA, Uncategorized|

Pitfalls in scheduling work shifts

When scheduling workers for shifts, there are plenty of tricky legal areas, such as accommodating religious beliefs. Many state and local laws now require predictive scheduling for employees in certain industries and positions. Under these laws, employers can't change workers' shifts at the last minute without paying them for their time, sometimes at a premium. [...]

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Have you checked our social media lately?

We carefully curate articles of interest to small businesses and share them every weekday on Facebook. Here are some examples of recent topics: Can you require employees to be vaccinated? Can you fire employees who are not vaccinated?How to retain employees with the "great resignation"Is your business taking over your life?Effective and creative ways to [...]

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Juneteenth: how newest federal holiday affects you

Your company may or may not have celebrated Juneteenth this year, but now that it's a federal holiday, it'll likely impact your payroll process going forward. President Biden signed legislation on June 17, 2021, making Juneteenth (June 19) a legal public holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S. Here's what that means [...]

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“Wait staff” redefined for restaurants in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there's now a new definition of what's considered a "wait staff employee" in the restaurant industry, thanks to HB 5250. A wait staff employee is a waiter/waitress, bus person or someone working in a quick-service restaurant who prepares or serves food or beverages as part of a team of counter staff. The definition [...]

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We’re moving!

On June 18th the PayPlus office will be relocating to Nashua NH. Since all employees are working remotely, and will continue to do so, we no longer need the large office space and so we are downsizing. Starting June 18, please use 6 Columbine Drive, Nashua, 03063 for all USPS mail. The phone and fax [...]

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Latest DOL guidance on when work travel between sites is compensable

Opinion letter discusses scenarios when time is paid Knowing when you have to pay nonexempt workers for travel time can be confusing. The Department of Labor (DOL) has shed some light on that issue in a recent opinion letter. The letter asks whether nonexempt construction foremen and laborers have to be paid for the time [...]

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What you need to know about new PPP loans

New federal stimulus legislation was approved on December 27. The legislation includes another round of funding for PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans for small business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Banks are awaiting detailed guidelines from the Small Business Administration, which administers these loans. Here is a summary of what we know. Please bear in mind that this [...]

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