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What to know about tax deductions for business travel

IRS Tax Tip 2023-76, June 6, 2023 Many people travel for their job — some for an occasional conference and some travel year-round. Whatever their time on the road, business travelers should know how and when to deduct business travel expenses. What to know about tax deductions for business travel Business travel deductions are available [...]

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$22 million jury verdict for unpaid pre- and post-shift activities

Federal jury finds East Penn Manufacturing violated federal law; awards $22M in back wages, among largest wage verdicts in Department of Labor history Department of Labor finds company denied over 7.5K workers overtime; will seek damages A federal court jury has awarded back wages of more than $22 million to the U.S. Department of Labor [...]

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Supreme Court Reinterprets Undue Hardship Standard for Religious Accommodations

As you’re probably aware, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act requires that employers with 15 or more employees make reasonable accommodations for employees’ religious practices and beliefs, so long as it doesn’t cause an undue hardship. Previously, undue hardship—as it applied to religious accommodations—meant “more than a de minimis cost.” The Supreme Court has [...]

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Embrace AI in the Workplace

Here's an excellent article on how to keep the “human” in HR while taking advantage of all the innovative technological advances coming our way. The article covers: Correcting AI misconceptions Embrace AI Tips for Keeping the Humanity in Hiring

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Do you need to update your policy handbook?

If you don't have an employee policy handbook, ask your Payroll Specialist about our HR product, which includes a downloadable, customizable handbook. You can create a professional handbook in minutes (yes, minutes). Here's an example of an issue that arose because the policy was not spelled out: Implemented new policy to stop employees from punching [...]

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