IRS releases draft instructions for 2020 withholding On the heels of the first draft version of the 202 Form W-4 comes a brand-new draft of the form’s updated withholding tables. The IRS just released an early draft of Publication 15-T, Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods, with the info Payroll needs to accurately withhold taxes next year. New tables and more Publication 15-T contains all the updated tax tables employers will need to calculate withholding using both the Percentage Method and the Wage Bracket Method. It also includes a new Employer’s Withholding Worksheet that Payroll can use to determine each worker’s tax liability. In addition, Publication 15-T has details on how to apply the new tax tables to both the updated Form W-4 and previous versions of the form. For those employees who have completed a new W-4, the publication provides a step-by-step process of how employers should use that info to withhold taxes depending on if the person will file as single, head of household, or married filing jointly. More info: