If you’re not quite ready to distribute Form 1095-C to employees, you now have a bit more time, courtesy of the IRS.


The agency’s just announced that it’s pushing back this year’s deadline for providing individuals with a copy of Form 1095-C.


The new deadline is March 2, 2018.


Easing burdens


Given that many employers were having trouble meeting the original Jan 31, 2018, deadline, the iRS approved a 30-day extension.


It’s similar to other extensions the agency has offered for the form over the last two years.


The IRS has also granted companies an extension of its “good-faith” transition relief policy.


That allows employers to avoid penalties for minor errors reported on Form 1095-C as long as they make a sincere effort to comply with the guidelines.


Be aware Filing deadlines haven’t changed for getting Form 1095-C to the IRS: Feb 28, 2018, if you’re not filing electronically and April 2, 2018, if you are.


Cite: bit.ly/extension546