Finished your W-2s? Be on the lookout for these issues later SSA scrutiny leading to corrected forms in 2019 Now that the ink’s almost dried on Forms W-2, it’s time for Payroll pros to get ready for any issues that could arise at the last minute and in the coming months. Here’s what you should be watching for, and how to prevent big problems. Importance of accuracy It’s critical to make sure your Forms W-2 are submitted correctly and on time. Penalties may apply in cases where employers: Fail to file timely Don’t include all required info on Form W-2 Submit forms with incorrect info Use paper forms when they’re required to e-file Report the wrong taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), or Fail to include a TIN at all. Depending on when the correct Forms W-2 are finally submitted, penalties can range from $50 to $270 a return, which adds up fast. Another reason why accuracy’s important: If the SSA finds certain errors in your W-2 file, you may be receiving a letter this spring. In 2019, the agency will start notifying employers who submit at least one Form W-2 where the employee’s name and Social Security number don’t match what’s listed in the SSA’s records. This can happen due to an unreported name change or a simple typo in the file. Companies can find out which W-2s are affected by checking their Employer Report Status via the SSA’s Business Services Online. The agency expects employers to correct any mismatches by verifying the worker’s info and submitting a Form W-2c. Best bet for Payroll To nip mistakes in the bud, it’s essential to make sure the info you have on file for each employee is correct. It’s a good idea to ask workers to review their names, addresses and Social Security numbers periodically and notify you of any issues ASAP. Allowing employees to use self-service features in your payroll system to update their own personnel info can also prevent problems. More info: