We offer a wide assortment of timekeeping solutions: time clocks, web clocks, biometric clocks, voice clocks, and more. But the solution that has our clients buzzing with enthusiasm is our mobile app for Apple and Android users, for companies who track time with TimeWorksPlus. The TimeWorks Plus Mobile app lets employees report hours on-the-go from their phones, and employers can also manage timekeeping on their phones. Employees can punch in and out from their phone. Supervisors can approve time-off requests, time cards, and much more. The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Benefits to employees

  • Clock In/Out
  • View pay period Current Hours Worked (i.e., Regular, Overtime, Other)
  • View announcements from manager/supervisor
  • Change department/location/job, etc. (if enabled)
  • View time-off balances (i.e., Vacation, Sick, Other) (if enabled)
  • Request time off (if enabled)
  • View schedule

Benefits to supervisors

  • View list of employees currently clocked in
  • Clock IN/OUT multiple employees simultaneously
  • Capture and view location information for employee mobile punches (if enabled)
  • View basic employee information
  • View/approve/deny pending employee time-off requests
  • View list of employees with the day off (approved time-off requests)
  • View, edit, add notes, and approve time cards

Timeworks Plus integrates with our payroll software, so we can import the data directly each pay period. More info here. To sign up for TimeWorks Plus or for pricing information, reach out to your Payroll Specialist.