A worker claims she was scheduled to work a 7-hour shift with no break: https://buff.ly/3b7qKxd

The article doesn’t mention what state this employee works in so whether the employer broke the law is unclear. While the FLSA does not mandate a work break, state laws often do.

New Hampshire and Massachusetts limit the number of hours an employee can work without a meal break.

The law in NH: An employer cannot require that an employee work more than five consecutive hours without granting a thirty minute lunch or eating period. If the employer cannot allow thirty minutes the employee must be paid if they are eating and working at the same time (RSA 275:30-A).

The law in MA: Section 100. No person shall be required to work for more than six hours during a calendar day without an interval of at least thirty minutes for a meal. Any employer, superintendent, overseer or agent who violates this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than three hundred nor more than six hundred dollars.