In an effort to provide our clients with the most robust payroll and HR platform, we are pleased to roll out our new payroll software, iSolved, over the first quarter of 2024. The transition will be gradual over the next few months, with the goal of having all clients on the new platform.  

We will let you know when your business has been transitioned to the new platform. In the meantime, continue to submit payroll as usual.   

iSolved is a full payroll and human capital management (HR) software, which includes such features as: 

  • Employee onboarding (new hires)
  • Employee offboarding (termination)
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Client asset management (logging phones, tools, laptops, and other equipment loaned to employees)
  • Employee certifications (such as CPR, OSHA, TIPS)
  • Performance reviews
  • Time clock labor and attendance Integration with financial services companies such as retirement plans
  • Quickbooks exports

In addition, the iSolved platform offers applicant tracking, talent acquisition, and industry-specific compliance trainings based on the size and needs of your company. We are excited about these new services and the ability to streamline the payroll process for our clients. 

All clients will transition to the new iSolved software in 2024. PayPlus will offer Zoom trainings on this payroll platform in the next few months.

Look for more announcements in our newsletters and further communication from your Payroll Specialist.