Dian Ponto, payroll manager, Resort Asset Management LLC, Ludlow, VT writes:


We dealt with an influx of seasonal workers every year, which made payroll extremely hectic.


Between entering their info into our system and making sure they were paid on time, it was tough to juggle it all.


Plus, with all our different departments and facilities, employees worked a variety of shifts, so we’d be tracking hours for them up to the last minute each pay period.


If that wasn’t enough, some supervisors would consistently forget to approve timecards by the deadline, which added to the stress.


To make this easier to manage, we decided to give ourselves a bit of a buffer with payroll.


Extra time


During our seasonal rush, we pushed the deadline up a day earlier for supervisors to approve employees’ time to give us more time for payroll.


Altering the deadline helped us to get a head start on the basics of payroll processing so we had more freedom to roll with any last-minute changes.


Plus, not only did the new deadline create more urgency for managers, we also had more leeway to double-check that all the info we had about hours worked was accurate.